Norwich 1 – 2 Manchester United

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900 appearances for Manchester United! How many players in the game today (or even past legends) can proudly say that? 900 appearances for any club is no easy feat for that matter… I doubt even that white-haired uncle defending for Cardiff City has been playing for them for that long. Ryan Giggs is definitely pure gold. I really wish he will make 916 soon ;-)

Champ19ns! That's how we roll...

Champ19ns! That’s how we roll…

With football today being all about money and cheating, very few has maintained the kind of integrity and respect that Giggs has on the field. His personal life though has not been that rosy with scandals and stuff but it doesn’t seem like it has affected his performance on the field in any way. Yes he’s not that quick anymore, he doesn’t do those weaving runs that much and he loses possession quite often but he’s still been immense for the team. Some of the one-touch plays, flicks, that cross he put in for Chicharito’s header… and the stoppage time winner today… can sometimes make you forget that he’s THIRTY EIGHT YEARS OLD. Sir Ryan Giggs… that is the only appropriately way to address him.

Winning moment!

Winning moment!

Now back to the match today, it was definitely a lucky win. Had to come down to one… individual… brilliant… moment. Norwich City totally bossed the field after the first goal from Scholesy. We did have a gazillion chances though but unfortunately it all went to Danny Welbeck who was having an epic fail after epic fail moment today. This fler seems to be able to score from ridiculous angles and half chances but always miss the sitters and tap-ins. Kinda reminds me of Andy Cole haha.

When Norwich scored, I really thought this was going to be another shocking draw… well we haven’t really been putting in those stoppage time winners these days… but man was I glad to see Giggsy make that run, at the right time… perfect moment… to make that absolutely sweeeeeeeet touch… for the winning goal.

Dear Ryan Giggs,

We love you man! We all do!


All Manchester United fans all over the world

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