Diving Bidong

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Bidong Island has one of the best diving spots in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. For the uninitiated, Bidong Island is located off Kuala Terengganu, just near Redang Island. Actually if you’ve taken a ferry or a speedboat to Redang, you would’ve noticed Bidong on your right. The island is currently restricted so there are no resorts there. If you want to know the history, you can checkout Bidong Island’s Wikipedia entry. You can play around with the interactive map below to get acquainted with this beautiful island.

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My last dive here was in 2010 but I still cant forget how beautiful it was. I’ve been planning to dive Bidong again for the past 2 years now but I haven’t had the time. Next month, I’m definitely arranging a trip and this time, I’m making sure it’s going to happen. For now, I leave you with these photos from my last trip:

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